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There is an ongoing scientific debate, in countries like UK and USA, about the efficacy of a certain well-known drug, which I cannot mention due to Medium’s censorship policies, in treating and/or preventing a certain well-known disease. …

When I was kicked off Twitter, for reasons that have more to do with Twitter’s politics than anything else, I had to rethink my whole communication strategy. Leaving Twitter was an opportunity to consider what I could NOT do on Twitter.

One thing I could NOT do on Twitter was…

Just a quick note to say that while I will keep my Medium account open for the time being, I will post mostly on Substack, because Medium censored a post reporting on Twitter’s censorship of my account. When reporting on censorship is subject to yet more censorship, I’m afraid I lose my patience…

So if you’d like to keep following me, I welcome you to check out my Freedom Blog, on Substack.

Check out my latest Freedom Blog post on the weaponisation of the concept of misinformation here.

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Researcher and lecturer of political philosophy at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. For more info, see

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